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Go Fish! 

From July through September King Fish can be caught in the surf along New Jersey Beaches. 

They can be caught at anytime of day or tide but a few hours before and after high tide tends to be the best time.


Our friend Bob, who lives on the Jersey shore is an expert angler, and here he shows us how we can catch fish without getting on a boat!


All you need is a light 6 to 7 foot fishing pole with a spinning reel. King Fish like blood worms and squid strips but I have found the artificial "Fish Bites" bait works just as good. This artificial bait is easy to use and does not make a mess so it is great for kids and first time anglers


It is best to stop in a local bait and tackle store on your way to the beach. All the the NJ beach towns have a few good ones. Tell them you want to catch king fish, You should get a few rigs, some 2 oz bank sinkers and a package of fish bites. (All Pictured Above)


Tie the King Fish rig on your line, attach the sinker and put 1 to 2 inch pieces on the fish bites on the hooks.

Cast out just beyond the beach brake and wait for a  "Tap Tap" on your line. Then just lift your rod tip, set the hook and reel them in.


That's a good looking King Fish!

try it, have fun and send us pictures!!  

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