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Seine Fishing

Seine Fishing is a type of fishing that uses a fishing net called a "seine" that can be used to trap fish and other sea critters close to the shore. The seine* has two poles on either side and hangs vertically in the water. The bottom edge is held down by weights and should drag along the sea floor so that nothing escapes the net. 

Our friend Bob is an expert angler who most likely will be fishing somewhere off the coast on a given sunny day! In the following video he and his son demonstrate how seine fishing is done. Who knows what kind of sea creatures you will find! 

Bob Seine Netting Pic.jpg

Any shallow bay beach or lake will work
It is pretty interesting to do it in different areas and see what different species you can catch!!!

*Note to Parents: You can order a seine net online (Bass Pro Shop, or Dicks Sporting Goods)or in most bait and tackle stores down the shore. Bob recommends the 12 to 20 foot size to use with kids to catch bait or just see what see creatures are living in the area. Do not get one that is too large as it is difficult for kids to handle it.  This is a fun activity to try in different areas so kids can compare what species are found in different ecosystems.

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